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2022 ICCI symposium introduction

Thank you for coming. Geoff and I are very pleased to welcome you to the annual ICCI symposium at the University of Guelph.  This is a great opportunity for us to bring together researchers and collaborators from across campus as well as internationally and we’re very excited for the lineup of speakers that we have today. You’ll notice the main Pheedloop link that you receive is going to be your best resource for accessing the talks, as well as the posters, and so, when you go to that main screen to access your sessions that’s going to be where we’re going to work through each of the different sessions, and you can select the links as you go to choose which of those sessions.  And finally during the poster session, if you go to the poster hall you’ll be able to access the speakers who are there live as well as the recordings for the speakers who are, have pre recorded their talks, and with that I’ll hand it over to Geoff.