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ICCI Annual Symposia

The annual ICCI Cancer Research Symposium is a free all-day event that highlights the cancer research taking place at the University of Guelph and from other universities. The day consists of short talks from students and invited local speakers, poster presentations, and a keynote speaker to cap off an eventful day promising to demonstrate the wide variety and novelty of cancer research taking place at the University of Guelph.

This year’s keynote speaker was Dr. Elizabeth Murchison, Professor of Comparative Oncology and Genetics at the University of Cambridge.

In her lab, the Transmissible Cancer Group, Dr. Murchison studies the genetics, evolution and host interactions of clonally transmissible cancers in dogs and Tasmanian devils. We are delighted to welcome Dr. Murchison, and encourage everyone to attend her presentation.  In addition to the keynote, there will also be presentations by local researchers and trainees.  Please join us for an engaging and educational day.

Elizabeth is a keen science communicator, and in 2011 she delivered a TED talk entitled “Fighting a Contagious Cancer”, which has been translated into 29 languages and viewed by a global audience more than 500,000 times. You can view her talk here.


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