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How to Request Samples

Process to request samples

CATSB samples are available to both academic and industry cancer researchers. Request for samples is a simple process, and researchers can expect to have samples within approximately 3 weeks from time of initial inquiry.

  1. Contact with your sample request to obtain detailed and up-to-date inventory information, and to obtain a quote.
  2. Researcher fills out:
    1. CATSB Sample Application form
    2. ICCI Material Transfer Agreement (provided after sample request is approved)
  3. Following the transfer of funds, samples are shipped to the researcher and de-identified clinical data are sent electronically.

Access Fees

Fees range depending on sample type and researcher’s affiliations. For more information, please contact the Veterinary Biobank Coordinator, Deirdre Stuart or email the general mailbox.

Fees for large orders are negotiable. Fees do not include shipping