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How to Request Samples

Process to request samples

CATSB samples are available to both academic and industry cancer researchers. Request for samples is a simple process, and researchers can expect to have samples within approximately 3 weeks from time of initial inquiry.

  1. Contact with your sample request to obtain detailed and up-to-date inventory information, and to obtain a quote.
  2. Researcher fills out:
    1. CATSB Sample Application form
    2. ICCI Material Transfer Agreement (provided after sample request is approved)
  3. Following the transfer of funds, samples are shipped to the researcher and de-identified clinical data are sent electronically.

Access Fees

Fees range depending on sample type and researcher’s affiliations:

  • University of Guelph researchers: $20-$50 per sample
  • Outside Academic researchers: $40-$100 per sample
  • For profit use, please inquire about pricing.

Fees for large orders are negotiable. Fees do not include shipping. For more information, please contact