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Collection of Samples from Dogs Diagnosed with Cancer and Not Scheduled to Undergo Surgery for Tumour Removal

** Please note this study is closed/completed and no longer recruiting patients**

Study Background & Purpose:

Cancer is a devastating disease affecting as many as 1 out of 3 dogs over their lifetime and is by far the most common cause of death in dogs.  As in people, if we can detect cancer early enough, we can greatly improve the chances of successful treatment and in many cases we can even cure it.

We are conducting a research study to develop a test for the detection, characterization, and management of cancer in dogs.  We hope to achieve this by measuring certain markers in blood that are specific to cancer but are not found in healthy dogs or in dogs with non-cancerous conditions. Assessing potential blood biomarkers and clinical data may support the development of a noninvasive test for the early detection of cancer. For example, 4Paws Dx (the Sponsor) develops and commercializes innovative molecular diagnostic laboratory-developed tests (LDTs) for veterinary applications. 

Study participation is expected to last for up to one year, across multiple clinic visits as prescribed by the study protocol as well as according to your veterinarian’s standard practice for your dog’s situation. The study prescribed visits will occur approximately 30 days, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months following the Baseline visit.


  • Costs associated with determining the stage of your dog’s cancer, up to $1000 CAD

Samples required:

  • For specific assessmets and tests performed during baseline visits and follow up visits, please refer to the client consent and information sheets provided by clinicians.
    • These can include: collection of demographic data, clinical data about the patient’s diagnosis, medication history; blood work, urinalysis, diagnosic imaging, other diagnostic testing as required; any treatments involved with the patient’s care plan
  • Blood collection:
    • If your dog is less than or equal to 22 lbs (10 kg), approximately 8.0 mL (less than 2 teaspoons) will be collected.
    • If your dog is greater than 22 lbs (10 kg), approximately 16.0 mL (slightly more than 1 tablespoon) will be collected.
    • (OPTIONAL) You can also consent to the collection of an additional 5 mL of blood (1 teaspoon) for future research to improve the performance of the test being developed by the Sponsor.
  • All leftover or remnant samples remaining after the completion of this Study may be stored by the Sponsor for future research programs.

Inclusion Criteria:

  • Healthy dogs 1 year of age and older, weighing a minimum of 12 pounds (approximately 5.5 kg)
  • A current diagnosis of cancer
  • Have not yet begun a non-surgical treatment plan, or who will not begin a non-surgical treatment plan


  • Dr. Brenda Coomber (PI)


Vicky Sabine (PhD), Clinical Research Coordinator, OVC
Email:; Work Cell #: 226-218-0338

Funded by 4Paws Dx, Inc., Protocol: 4PAWS-201 (San Diego, CA, USA).

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