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Effects of Filtering Blood Before Transfusion in Critically Ill Dogs

** Please note this study is closed/completed and no longer recruiting patients ** 


Primary objective is to determine if one transfusion of leukoreduced (LR) packed red blood cells (PRBC) leads to less transfusion-associated inflammation compared to non-LR PRBC in dogs with critical illness, including Oncology patients, within the first 24 hours after transfusion. Secondary objective is to monitor survival and outcome differences between patients receiving LR and non-LR PRBC transfusions.


The Ontario Veterinary College maintains a Blood Bank, for patients in need of transfusion. Currently, blood at the OVC Blood Bank is not routinely “leukoreduced,” or filtered to remove white blood cells, prior to transfusion. However, this filtering technique may help reduce the risk of transfusion reactions in people and dogs.


  • Study covers cost of complete blood count before & after transfusion (2hrs & 24hrs)

Samples required:

  • Blood (before & after transfusion: 2 & 24hrs)

Inclusion Criteria:

  • Any dog with confirmed diagnosis of anemia receiving their first RBC transfusion @ OVC

Exclusion Criteria:

  • Previous transfusion
  • Concurrent plasma transfusion
  • Steroids/NSAIDs in past 2 weeks


  • Dr. Shauna Blois (PI)
  • Dr. Luis Bosch


Dr. Shauna Blois: Work #: 519-824-4120 x54419; Email:

Vicky Sabine (PhD), Clinical Research Coordinator, OVC
Email:; Work Cell #: 226-218-0338

Funded by OVC Pet Trust.

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