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Quantifying growth factors in canine cancer patients on toceranib (Palladia)

** Thank you for your interest! Please note this study is closed/completed and no longer recruiting patients ** 


Full title: Quantifying circulating growth factors to aid dose optimization of receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors toceranib (Palladia®) in canine cancer patients

Upon discussion with the clinicians in the oncology service, Palladia has been recommended as a treatment option for your dog.  We are currently monitoring growth factors in the blood of dogs undergoing this treatment to learn important information about the optimal dose for an individual patient, and the relationship of growth factor changes with cancer status. We hope to identify growth factors that may be useful as a biomarker for Palladia treatment in cancer-bearing dogs.a protocol for these techniques in veterinary patients with oral tumours.

What is required:

  • During oncology appointments, patients normally have blood sampled for routine monitoring of cell counts and biochemistry results. This study involves collecting a small amount of extra blood (3-5ml) at these times, so this is not an additional or unusual procedure that dogs will experience.
  • Blood samples will be taken at the start of Palladia┬« treatment and at regular recheck appointments when possible.

Inclusion Criteria:

  • Confirmed cancer diagnosis
  • Treatment with toceranib (Palladia)


  • Animal Cancer Centre, Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph
    • All the clinicians and technicians with the oncology service
  • Anthony Mutsaers, DVM, PhD, DACVIM-Oncology (PI)


Vicky Sabine (PhD), Clinical Research Coordinator, OVC
Email:; Work Cell #: 226-218-0338

Funded by OVC Pet Trust.

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