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Intro_Christof Bertram

All right thanks.  Now before everybody goes to the next one, this is, we’ve never used this platform before.  We’re going to switch; you go into the, to the side and you click on the next presentation for Christof Bertram, and and it’s in Webex so there’s a whole shift sort of but you still stay in Pheedloop, it somehow feeds through.  But at risk of losing my own feed, I’m going to introduce Christof now, if I can but I’m not sure, I’m not sure that he’s in here, but I will, I may have to introduce him twice, but he won’t mind, because I know Christof very well because i’ve just spent three months in Vienna where he’s at.  So he’s in the department of pathobiology University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna; he’s an anatomic pathologist and cancer researcher and Christof’s been working in this intersection of two very hot research areas: digital pathology and deep learning.  And he’s actually only, only recently started there at Vienna and, as I said, I’ve got to know Christof quite well over the last three months I spent in Vienna.  We have a great collaboration, we tried to pool the resources of our respective veterinary pathology and departments and colleges, which has been great.  And Christof also introduced me to Leberkäse which, which I’m pronouncing it wrong I’m sure in German, but it literally means liver cheese sandwiches even though there’s no cheese and no liver in them, that’s just one of the many things that I learned, while I was, while I was in Vienna.  So we’ll, we’ll exit this and go to his talk and then you can hopefully click on that and and get in and we’ll join you all there.